The Levy Games

Date: August 2007

Location: Seville

Situation: Spurs’ representatives seen talking to Juande Ramos. (Whilst Martin Jol still Spurs manager)

That was the day Spurs fans realised chairman Daniel Levy could be ruthless when need be, and we haven’t even got to the day when Martin Jol was sacked.

Mr. Levy is currently going through a difficult phase of his Tottenham chairmanship, thinking, where do we go next?

The Levy Games.

If Capello didn’t resign as England manager, Redknapp wouldn’t have turned his head towards England till after the Euro’s and Spurs might have finished in the top 3, and guaranteed Champions League football. If AVB weren’t sacked, then maybe Tottenham would have got Champions League, more money, more sponsorship etc.

But these are all ‘If and Maybe’ situations, the fact is, Redknapp turned his head at the England job, and who could blame him?

Nevertheless, when Redknapp turned his head at the England job, Levy thought: “What better time to offer him a new contract, let’s test his commitment to the club.” It turns out, Redknapp was only committed to the club when instead, West Brom manager Roy Hodgson got the call for his country’s biggest footballing job.

Rewind 4 years and 8 months to the 26th October 2007, when Martin Jol found out his fate after the famous 2-1 UEFA Cup loss to Getafe at White Hart Lane, reports had swirled through WHL before and during the game, that Ramos would be appointed by the weekend, and Jol would be sacked. Ruthless, Levy.

Jol was a favourite of the Spurs faithful, he had took us to our first UEFA Cup competition for 23 years, two consecutive 5th place finishes, only to miss out on 4th place at West Ham on the last day of the season due to ‘Lasagnegate’.

Levy’s choice of Juande Ramos didn’t work out best for the North London club, beating Chelsea in the Carling Cup final in 2008 was an obvious highlight, but the Spurs’ performances in the league were not as consistent as Jol’s Spurs.

Daniel Levy can prove to be a hard negotiator, especially with the Dimitar Berbatov transfer to Manchester United nearly four years ago on the last day of the transfer window for £30m.

But it’s the Luka Modric transfer saga of last summer, continuing to this summer, which has brought a lot of attention to Levy’s stubbornness, but also his stubbornness for Spurs to succeed. He took a huge stance last summer, stating Modric would not go to Chelsea or any other club for that matter, even with Modric saying he had a ”Gentleman’s agreement with the chairman.”

Rumours have circulated through the media that Modric may well be on his way out of WHL this summer, with a few destinations possible, the most likely seeming Manchester United’s Old Trafford or PSG’s Parc des Princes.

Back to the future of Redknapp. Twitter went into rumour overdrive last night, with a few sources saying Redknapp had resigned, whilst others saying there was nothing of the sort, the latter being correct, for now.

“This is an outrage; an absolute liberty for people to be putting around this kind of rumour on the Internet. It is not true; there is not a chance I will resign. Why should I? I have a year left on my contract.” stated Redknapp.

Ok, fair enough, he’s not resigning, that doesn’t mean he’s not leaving White Hart Lane though does it? Personally, I think Redknapp would happily leave, but with a payout.

Redknapp’s stated if Levy lets him roll into his last year left on his contract, then it might affect the players.

I can see where Redknapp’s coming from, Bale has already stated that he’d consider his future if Redknapp was to leave WHL, and it seems a foregone conclusion that Luka Modric will leave.

If Redknapp were to leave, then Levy has got a tough decision on whom to appoint, after losing out on Brendan Rodgers to Liverpool. Meanwhile, David Moyes is the bookies favourite for the Spurs hotseat.

Whatever happens, the media spotlight will shine upon White Hart Lane over the course of the summer with players and managers inbound and outbound.

Thanks for reading, Matt

Twitter —– @mattywalsh8

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