Is The 2012 – 2013 Premier League Season Geared Up To Be As Good As The 2011 – 2012 Season?

As we all know and can agree, last year’s Premier League season can now sit firmly on Premier League throne. Having everything from a 6-team relegation battle, last minute title decider and 6 different teams in contention for Champions league places. Not to mention one of our own teams winning the UEFA Champions League. Great goals, great moments and great games. Sprinkled with its very own seasoning of controversy. Especially with the likes of Mr Balotelli grabbing a few headlines here and there.

With Manchester leading the pack with London firmly up there back side the top of the table was pretty much the talking point of the entire season. With Tottenham in contention for the title up until February and Chelsea stealing the last Champions league spot from Spurs despite finishing two places behind them in sixth. In my opinion I don’t think there will be too much of a change in the top 6. With both Manchester teams Tottenham and Chelsea storming in front. With the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal and not to mention Newcastle trying to get a foot in the European door. Correct me if I’m mistaken too, these teams aren’t getting weaker (maybe the old Arsenal, for the sheer comedy) but they are strengthening and building. With the prospect of playing premiership football attracting all the footballing big boys.

2011-2012 Premier League Champions, Manchester City.

Now away from the thrills and spills of the top, we find ourselves in the battle for middle table. With everyone from Fulham too Everton, Swansea to the newly promoted surprise packages that get thrust upon us this year. A lot of class players are still on show, even if it isn’t at a Championship winning club. With last year’s Swansea showcasing some of the best football that the Premier League has seen with their tic-tac style off pass and move. Also many teams will be looking to get there foot in the door of Europe with the Europa League. Where there comes more money and more attraction for better players. So I’m sure this year it will be as thrilling as ever in the middle.

Last year we saw an extremely poor display from Wolverhampton Wanderers as we saw them relegated after a week. Brushing them aside we had an enticing 6 team battle for most of the season including shock party goers Aston Vanilla. Who soon lost their taste as the young lads just couldn’t step into certain injury struck villains. It didn’t help Swansea and Norwich hitting the ground running and performing like rock stars nudging some long serving Premier League teams like Blackburn down into the Championship. So I’m certain, with big Sam coming up with West Ham and Southampton with the abundance of quality that earned them a return the big time, the relegation battle will be as full on as last years – and I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsenal get thrown into that too, with the inevitability of them losing their first team to the likes of City.

Now we find ourselves in the much loved, summer transfer window. With the likes of Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea splashing the cash early on. We already find ourselves graced with the awesomeness that is Jan Vertongen, Eden Hazard, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Marko Marin. Who will, in my opinion fit straight into the Premier League season and play a vital part in both London clubs campaign? Not to mention the likely hood of a Brazilian influx on its way in the likes of Oscar, Domaio and Hulk strongly linked with both clubs.

As it stands Andre Villas-Boas is using his Porto links to try score him brownie points with Hulk and midfield maestro Moutinho as Madrid bound Modrics replacement. Manchester United have signed Ting Tongs son Kagawa and young Nicky Powell from Crewe, with the strong possibility of them snatching Robin Van Persie from their rivals paws and also left back Leighton Baines becoming an even more realistic summer signing.

So with all this additional talent we are going to see even greater displays of sexy football and mark my word, there are going to be some BIG SURPRISES in this year’s transfer window, with a lot of money flying around & new managers keen to make an instant impact, like a Boas.

So if we bear in mind all the factors I’ve mentioned above, what we think. Is this season going to better than last season? Or will it just quite not match up to the excellence?! I’ve got my money on 12/13 pissing all over 11/12. I just hope Tottenham win the quad and Arsenal relegated… is that too much to ask?

Thanks for reading.

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